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Become a Member of the OIX free of charge and access our platform and marketplace

When you’re ready to take action, just place your buy/sell order through OIX “Customer Assist” and we’ll take care of the rest, and for qualified organizations you can do everything yourself with our “Direct Market Access” systems.

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Transacting on the OIX is simple and secure


Access to real time incentive program information, market data & pricing


Offer credits; explore bids; buy or bid on a listed credit; post a bid and allow sellers to make you an offer – either way you win!


OIX handles escrow of funds, clearing, documentation and state transfer process from A-Z

Here's what you get on the OIX

Opportunities right at your fingertips

Finally everything you’ve come to expect on a modern-day financial platform, all right in the palm of your hands.


Centralized market platform ensures the best price


OIX automated systems and back office staff handles the process


Seamlessly track, manage, and monitor all activities


Our toolsets enable portfolio and analytic solutions

The OIX is the only modern-day marketplace providing transparency, liquidity & price discovery.

Detailed information on every credit along with due diligence provided by the OIX underwriting team.


Make intelligent decisions with real-time & historic pricing data, and incentive program information

Data, analytics and info…why would you do it any other way?

Processing Solutions

You make the call…we do the rest

Track clearing & transfer process, eSign & ePay

Ease of use

Manage your business units or customers – liabilities or tax credit portfolio – either way it’s not complicated with OIX solutions.

Our state of the art system

You mean to tell me that I can get a killer tax credit management system to track and manage ANY kind of credit on the planet free of charge, and only IF I want to use the OIX Marketplace to monetize a credit I just click a button? Otherwise I have zero obligation?

answer = YES

Direct Market Access Members get the best tax credit management system ever and highest entitlements on the OIX.

Transacting in tax credit has finally evolved…it’s about time.

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Explore which Membership option is right for your business and gain a technological edge on the OIX. It’s simple to open a Membership account, and you can always contact us to schedule a platform demo or speak with our experienced staff of tax professionals.

OIX - The Online Incentives Exchange

The OIX provides integrated technology solutions for credit & incentive management, and offers a modernized tax credit exchange that enables the monetization of tradable credits in a safe and secure environment.