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OIX Customer Assist

Customer Assist is designed for our Members who do not transact frequently, or who require anonymity, or for whom simply want the convenience of full service transactions.

Customer Assist can handle the process from A-Z:


Become an OIX Member and place a Buy/Sell order


Customer Assist executes for you on the OIX


We handle the escrow, clearing & transfer process

When you use Customer Assist you get the best of both worlds: real time market intelligence and the personalized assistance from a dedicated and experienced OIX representative.

A closer look at how Customer Assist works:

  • View credits and bids posted on the OIX Central Market System
  • Request due diligence on bids/offers
  • Place a Buy order against a specific credit, or post a bid and let sellers come to you
  • Place a Sell order against a specific bid, or post a credit for sale and let the buyers come to you
  • Customer Assist manages the order on your behalf and executes transparently on the CMS
  • All transactional activity and history is recorded in your digital account
  • Monitor real-time order status through your Dashboard
  • Access all closing documents relating to a transaction
  • OIX handles the clearing and transfer process for all transactions
  • Through Customer Assist Members remain anonymous to the marketplace


There are no fees to buy credits on the OIX

Selling credits through Customer Assist is subject to a transaction fee based on the face value of the credits, of: 2% for credits > $1mm, and 3% for credits < $1mm (cumulative rates available)

“Direct Market Access” Members (managing their own account) are subject to a 1% transaction fee for selling credits. DMA Members can also sell through Customer Assist at 2%, and reduced negotiated rates are available for volume sellers (please inquire).

Our minimum transaction fee for selling single year certified credits is $10,000.

Get Direct Market Access

Boost your account with "Direct Market Access" and you'll be able to transact without assistance and obtain a better transaction fee.

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