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The tax credit market has finally evolved.

We have created a centralized marketplace for transacting in state transferable tax credits. Buyers and sellers can connect directly, and intermediaries & advisors can serve their clients.

Transacting on the OIX is simple

Direct Market Access

Buy and sell tax credits on the OIX using turn-key software which provides powerful automation, workflow and analytics solutions.

OIX Customer Assist

Transact through "Customer Assist" and the OIX professional tax credit team will execute buy / sell orders for you.

Need immediate liquidity?

The OIX will buy your tax credits, providing the capital your business needs now.

I am a Taxpayer looking to reduce my liability (buyer)

I am a Business looking to acquire or monetize credits (seller)

We continue to innovate the tax credit industry and the media has taken notice.

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OIX - The Online Incentives Exchange

The OIX is a completely modernized tax credit exchange that enables the monetization of tradable credits in a safe and secure environment.