Press Room

"Without a central marketplace, finding buyers or sellers of state tax credits can be difficult. Seeking to meet this need is the Online Incentives Exchange."

“New technologies—innovated by entrepreneurs, pioneers and thought leaders—introduced to the transferable tax credit markets in the form of online tax credit exchanges (such as the OIX) are shape-shifting the decades-old opaque and fragmented nature of how tax credits have previously transacted, and are bringing traditional market dynamics to the space.”

"When you have both transferability and refundability on a credit, you've got Godzilla on steroids. I mean, that is gold. And yes, there will be markets opening up to facilitate the trading of those."


The OIX provides secure and integrated technology solutions for tax credit & incentive management and administration. OIX's cost-effective solutions streamline forecasting, reporting, analysis, monetization, workflow and compliance and internal processes for credits and incentives on a global basis.