The easiest way to manage and monetize tax credits & incentives.

The tax credit industry has finally evolved

The OIX is the only provider offering secure cloud-based integrated technology and turn-key solutions for tax credit & incentive management, processing and monetization.

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Get DIRECT MARKET ACCESS to buy or sell tax credits directly on the OIX platform, and leverage OIX SaaS systems to manage C&I activities.

It’s not complicated with our "A-Z" workflow and processing systems.

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Join the community of over 700 companies which include F500s, national and regional CPA firms, developers, volume sellers, banks, lenders, SMBs, advisors, brokers and intermediaries.

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OIX - The Online Incentives Exchange

The OIX provides integrated technology solutions for credit & incentive management, and offers a modernized tax credit exchange that enables the monetization of tradable credits in a safe and secure environment.